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Free Microsoft IT Training online

Microsoft IT Training Online Free


Techi Jack Provides free Microsoft it training online on youtube

Techi Jack is an internet name for a Vikas Jakhmola, a certified Microsoft expert carrying

MCSA, MCSE, and MCT Certificate from Microsoft.

You can learn Microsoft It training free of cost on or on the tech jack channel on YOUTUBE

As being an experienced tech in computer hardware, networking, MCSA, MCSE, and MCT

TechiJack has deployed many small business Microsoft windows servers, and email servers like an exchange server.

What Is Different


The main focus is on the training material and explanation, so that an individual may get a complete understanding.

Also, a deep understanding is equally important as a deep explanation.

Focusing on quality to remove the fear of exams and interviews.

As techi jack is working individually on the video and trying to make the best to understand.

There might be a delay with the new video but trying to put all the valuable information on youtube

This can be beneficial for a person looking for free online it training.

Microsoft badges for techi jack can be verified on this website’s homepage

The main content area of course offered by techi jack is windows server training MCSA, MCSE, and Exchange Server

Therefore, the future technology courses will be available on techijack channel on youtube like azure, google ads learning, etc.


Want To Become MCSA, MCSE Certified?


Furthermore, if anyone is interested in one o one training or group training.

It can be possible to contact us to plan your goal and definitely, and you will find the difference.

Microsoft online training requires some setup such as  servers, virtual machines, etc

This setup required some cost with it, so there can be a genuine fee for that if someone needs complete training.

If you need free Microsoft IT training online, you can visit our youtube channel

For real-world live scenario training, you can contact or email

And plan for your course to become Microsoft Certified Professional with techi jack


What Is Included in Live Microsoft Training?


Live scenario training is provided with the real base structure, such as real public IP, two different locations for different sites

It makes more clarity to an individual and can work easily in enterprise networks

More discussion, questions, and the answer.

Get Microsoft course content as being an MCT, all the online training content will be from Microsoft Training Course Content. 

So do not hesitate and contact and become Microsoft Certified Professional.

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