Hyper-v is Microsoft’s virtualization technology.

Hyper v makes IT life easier. Even whole cloud computing depends on virtualization.

There are different platforms on virtualization like hyper V, VMware, KVM, etc.

All the cloud providers are running plenty of virtual machines on their datacenters by this virtualization technology.

A lot of IT tasks have been solved by virtualization technology.

In a brief, you can quickly create a virtual machine like a physical computer.

Apart from this, there is a lot of other features which this technology provides us.

As there are different providers for virtualization.

Techi jack being a Microsoft certified.

Therefore, highly focus on Microsoft technology, that’s why to choose hyper-v

However, this blog provides a complete tutorial where you can do most of the tasks related to virtualization.

Learn Complete Hyper-v on windows server 2016.

Complete guide and tutorial for hyper v. Know what is hyper v.

Hyper-v Training Includes.

How to install hyper-v role on windows server 2016

Instruction to create a new virtual machine

Know what is virtual disk types example a dynamic disc, differencing disk, etc.

Learn how to create a virtual disk.

How to configure hyper v manager

Configure Virtual Switch

Virtual Machine checkpoint & restore

Virtual machine migration to another host machine

VM replication and many more.

Moreover, this blog provides you with articles and videos for a complete hyper-v tutorial to become a smart IT Pro.

So, start exploring the site and start learning today at no cost.

Deploy it on your machine, do practice and become expert.

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