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Microsoft Outlook Hacked 2019

Hacker Gain Full Access To Email

Microsoft Outlook Hacked 2019


Microsoft Outlook Hacked 2019: Company reveals that hackers have stolen account login credential for a Microsoft customer support agent and gained the full access to the email of the people, who are using services like Msn, Hotmail, and

This hack lasted from 1 Jan 2019 to 28 March 2019. 

The company released the statement to outlook users on Friday by notifying the users that hackers had access to emails for months after compromising login credentials for a Microsoft support agent.

However, according to Microsoft, this hack did not affect enterprise accounts.

It is not clear yet that, how many numbers of accounts were hacked but Microsoft said that, it was a limited number of users accounts.

It was also stated that hackers could read full email only for 6% of affected outlook users.

Microsoft Recommendation 

Microsoft Recommends to affected users to reset their passwords. 

Upon Awareness of this issue, Microsoft immediately disabled the compromised account credentials, prohibiting its use for any further unauthorized access.

Users have been asked to be alert on phishing and spam emails.

Microsoft recommends not to entertain the email from an unknown domain, users or any other unsolicited or untrusted source. 

Therefore, be careful from the spam emails, which ask for personal information or request for payment.

It has been assured by Microsoft by sending the notification emails to the affected users that, they take data protection very seriously their internal security team is investigating the issue so that, this may not reoccur.

General Email Safety Tips To Prevent Hacking

  • Change email passwords in regular interval of time
  • Do not share your email password with anyone
  • Try to avoid replying spam emails
  • Do not leave the account open once you check your email.
  • Make sure the browser and computer are up to date.
  • Check your browser for an unknown extension.
  • Be careful with attachment, only open trusted email attachments.
  • Avoid putting bank details on email such as banking credentials.
  • Make Sure to update Antivirus and turn on email filtering.
  • Carefully watch the website URL is in a trust list or not.
  • Furthermore, remember your security question & Account information.

Windows 10 May Update

However, if you are facing any issue with Outlook or Microsoft office. You can contact the below number.

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