The security of a device in today’s world is a major factor to think upon.

As we all are highly dependent on the Internet to reduce our workload.

Such as emailing, paying the bills, checking online tickets, etc

It is fine to reduce the workload but equally important to secure the devices too.

All the workflows may go smoothly if devices are safe and secure.

An individual sitting in a home or office should be aware of online threats.

You might hear a lot of news, regarding spyware, malware, and ransomware.

Smart hackers are designing their code in an advance way to peep inside other’s devices.

Therefore, they gain information and uses it in an illegal way.

So, it is highly important to secure your device.

Whether you connect your device with external or internal wifi or any other network.

Both network and device should have tightened security.

So, be careful whenever you connect with any wifi and keep your anti-virus program updated.

However, Techijack tries to bring a better way to secure your network and devices.

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