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Remove Exchange After Migrating To Exchange Server 2016

Removing Exchange Server From Domain

If you are thinking of removing the Exchange server from Domain.

So, before removing your old exchange server, there are several things that need to be taken care of.

An individual may face some challenges while completely uninstalling the old exchange server.

Though it’s not an impossible task, some major changes may cause some serious issues.

You may feel that you have completely migrated your old Exchange server Mailboxes and other data to your new exchange server as soon you are able to send and receive emails.

Removing your old server immediately may cause some serious issues.

After migrating from exchange server 2013 to exchange 2016 or in a hybrid environment.

You should watch the behavior of your new exchange for few weeks.

Before uninstalling your old server you should make sure that all the right things are in place or not with the new exchange server 2016.

If you quickly remove the old server 2013 there can be a problem with the email send to receive with virtual directories.

Make sure to confirm that all the user’s mailboxes, public folders, archive mailboxes have been moved to the new exchange server 2016 or exchange online.

Note: Make sure you have a full mailboxes backup of your exchange server database.


Checklist for Uninstalling Exchange Server

  1. Check your send connectors are properly functioning with your new exchange server.
  2. Notice your exchange Email Flow is getting processed by the new exchange server.
  3. Confirm the Power shell connection with your new email server.
  4. Test your autodiscover settings, it should point to your new server.
  5. Inspect Ecp, Ews, Mapi, Active Sync, OAB & Power shell Default Website.
  6. Make sure to move the arbitration mailboxes to exchange 2016.
  7. Wait for few weeks by turning off your old server for few days, once all the above services are on a new server, and working fine, then you can uninstall or remove the old exchange server 2013 from your network.

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