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Microsoft Exchange Server Training Free

Microsoft Exchange Server Tutorial For Beginner - Start Now

Microsoft Exchange Server Training Free

Microsoft exchange server training free: Want to become an Exchange Server Administrator.

You might be aware or not but exchange server administrator can earn a yearly salary of more than $85,000

An exchange server is a powerful email system, which can increase the productivity of a company.

So becoming an Exchange Server Administrator is worthwhile.

If you are a helpdesk engineer, MCSA, or you have knowledge of Active Directory and DNS

You should definitely go for an exchange server course to enhance your career.

Many people have a myth that the exchange server is very difficult to get expertise on.

Therefore, it is not true, anyone with full dedication can learn this course.

Only the thing is that, to build self-confidence in your self and thinking that you can learn it.

This feeling may help you to become an exchange server administrator.

First, you have to decide, you really want to learn it or not.

If yes, then there are different ways how you can become a part of exchange server learning.

Learning Microsoft Exchange Server Training Free of cost is not a subject of matter.

Moreover, if you made your mind to learn, there are many free resources available online.

 Even you can go for a paid course as well as free too.

Register for training

For best exchange server skills watch the below video


How To Prepare For Exchange Server Training?

As being an MCSA, Microsoft Certified System Engineer & Microsoft Certified Trainer.

I am recommending a few tips where you can start with free training resources

First, collect the complete syllabus of Exchange Server Training

Make sure which exam you are preparing for.

Exchange server exam codes

Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 – 70-345

Administering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 – 20345-1A/B

Second, collect some books or find some videos for the topics which lie inside these courses.

If you find any difficulty while doing this, you can email me at to get details

Once all the study material is ready. Still, a few more things are required.


Setup Your Exchange Training Lab

Setting up your lab is equally important as you collect the training material.

It is very important to create your own lab so that, you can create your own scenario

By creating your own exchange lab, you will be able to practice more and more.

An easy way to set up your lab is to make use of virtual machines in hyper-v.

Grabbing a small two or three SSD on a different computer will be more effective.

As you all know SSD is almost 10 times faster than SATA drives.

You will be able to create more fast machines even if you do not have a high ram.

Try to Set 2 Computers with at least 32 GB of ram.

If this cannot be done, You can go for 16 Gb of ram on two computers to learn exchange properly.

Configure hyper-v and install multiple virtual machines to start.

Just get started with me on my youtube channel Techi Jack.

Start from Microsoft exchange server tutorial for the beginners is under the video which keeps updating.

Most of the exchange syllabus is covered in the below playlist


Feel Free to contact me over skype or email for help regarding any confusion in the video.

Or if someone needs complete training and willing to learn the exchange server from scratch.

He or she can email me their requirements and I will help them to prepare their lab.

Note: At least One computer with good hardware configuration 16 to 24 GB, 64-bit architecture is needed. 

Also, one public IP and domain name will give additional benefits for good Microsoft exchange server training.


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