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What Is UEFI Boot Mode & Its Benefits

What Is UEFI Boot Mode

What Is UEFI Boot Mode: Bios will be outdated soon, as Intel announces to replace bios with UEFI on their all upcoming chipset Motherboard.

Bios will be replaced with UEFI by 2020.

What is UEFI boot mode: UEFI is a small software program that sits in a chip, present on the motherboard. which connects firmware with the operating system.

Both Bios and UEFI boot mode are the first programs to get executed before loading OS as the computer is turned on.

Modern technology of UEFI makes it compatible to support large disk sizes such as TB disks.

Benefits Of UEFI 

It has a faster booting process than bios

Has more security features to protect the OS (Secure Boot)

Supports large-size disks

More convenient to the mouse cursor and graphic designs

Can be operated in 32 bit and 64 bit

Mouse cursor feature available before the operating system is loaded

Supports remote troubleshooting

What is UEFI Secure Boot

As in previous bios mode, anyone can harm the operating system that has physical access to it.

Secure boot with password protection gives you enhanced security such as no one can change your settings to os.

UEFI Secure Boot checks the malicious code at the time of booting.

It checks if any malware has tampered with the boot process or not

Signed Certified code executed before OS is loaded

Makes a booting secure and fast operating system


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