What Is Microsoft Teams | How is it Beneficial

How Microsoft Teams Can Be Useful for Business

Know What is Microsoft Teams & How is it Beneficial for Your Business?

Microsoft has been adding a lot of new applications and features as a part of Office 365 such as Microsoft teams, planners or shifts.

Microsoft Team is a chat-based workspace allowing teams of an organization to work in the same window to enhance the teamwork.

However, core features of Microsoft teams involve file sharing, video meetings, calling, business messaging, and more.

what is microsoft team

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Team is a chat-based communication and collaboration platform.

Which is brilliantly designed to reduce group work.

It’s the simplest form allowing users to set up teams where each individual team is a hub of group chat rooms generally known as channels.

There are multiple channels or chat rooms that are created within a team allowing you to help keep the chats easy to follow and flow from top to bottom, notifying users for updates, and more.

Conversations done here are threaded and if any of the users need face to face interaction.

They can start with video or voice chats with other team members with a single click.

Launched in 2017, Microsoft Teams is all set to replace Skype for business.

Therefore, new features are increasing from time to time.

This is not a new product and simply improves your workspace productivity as well as.

Some people may consider it as a chat app while others may think it as an upgraded version of Skype for Business.

However, in actuality, Microsoft teams is the most powerful app that can be used to enhance teamwork while making use of enriched collaboration and communication.


What is Microsoft Teams Used For?

Microsoft teams feature

In Microsoft’s team, users can call upon a variety of tools and apps to work more efficiently within one window. These apps or tools may involve:

  • Create, edit, share and finding content
  • Call and meet other team members like Skype
  • Chat and instant messaging
  • Calendars and meetings

Any document, spreadsheets or presentations are shared within a team.


Benefits of Microsoft Teams services

  • Office 365 integration
  • Enterprise security and compliance
  • Customize teams
  • No extra cost to Office 365 users
  • Active Directory integration


Why Microsoft Teams and How It Works?

Before moving further, it is important to understand how teams fit into Microsoft Office 365.

Creating Microsoft teams have different and wider implications. Whenever you create a Microsoft Team, here’s what is created:

  • A new office 365 group
  • Sharepoint team site
  • Shared OneNote
  • An exchange online shared mailbox

While all this brings a lot of benefits to users such as shared documents as well as centralized team information, there might be some admin headaches too.

This may involve managing the team properly.

Once your business has access to teams.

You may download the desktop apps, access Microsoft teams through browser or may download its mobile app.


Teams and Channels

MIcrosoft teams use

To start your teamwork, one needs to establish a team which are easy in just a few clicks.

You require a team name and description, which further allows team members to get added.

This process needs to be done carefully as a new team will create a matching office 365 group, share-point site, and OneNote, etc.

Further, each team has its subsections which are generally called Channels.

You may have multiple channels within a team. Let’s understand it with an example:

Say you could have a marketing team that involves channels such as social media, blogs, etc.

We can say any organization can be considered as teams and all its departments are channels.


Channel Tabs

All the channels here will have their own tabs along the top.

The group chat, i.e. conversation, files, documents, and notes i.e. OneNote are created automatically.

Apart from this, you may also add your own tabs here.

Conversation: This is one of the key features of Microsoft teams allowing each team in your organization to have a centralized discussion where all the teamwork is also recorded from video calls to file sharing and more.


Files: You can perform multiple tasks in your team window.

These tasks may involve the ability to download, delete, move files, open, copy, edit or more. You may also start a group chat alongside the file.


Notes: This will take you to the Team shared OneNote. Within Teams, you can either view or edit your OneNote.


Adding more tabs: Apart from the above three automatic tabs, one may also add more tabs according to their business requirements.

This may involve excel worksheets, planner, Power BI dashboards, word documents, and more.

Though, you can all more Microsoft products easily.



Alongside the left-hand side of the Microsoft teams.

You may navigate to different areas such as meetings, files, teams, chat activities.

The meetings tab allows you to see everything you line up for the day or week.

You may also schedule meetings.

Furthermore, within a files tab, explore and view files across OneNote, OneDrive, and more.

The Teams tab will let you overview all your teams which you are part of.


Admin Settings

Microsoft Teams is a great tool as it allows great flexibility and ensuring many possibilities.

Starting with teams also brings some knock-on effects but one may control team settings as an admin within the group control panel.

Within admin settings

You can control the rights like who can create the teams, which features are set to allow for particular team members, screen sharing, and more.


Succeeding with Microsoft Teams

Understanding how it works is an important step to make sure the success of Teams.

Therefore, it drastically changes the way people work.

It enables all business essentials, business-premium, education, E1, E3, and, E5 plan subscribers.


How Do I Get Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is enabled for most organizations using Office 365 by default with the only requirement of having a subscription to any one of the license plans.

Moreover, it works great on Android, Mac, iOS, Windows systems as well as.

To Signup For Microsoft Team Visit Microsoft 

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