Exchange Online Plan 2 | Best 6 Major Difference From Plan 1

What are Exchange Online Plan 2 Features & Difference In Plan 1

Though both Exchange Online Plan 2 & 1 are for emailing, still there is a difference between them.

So, anyone planning for exchange online plans 2 or 1.

He or she should be aware of plans before subscribing to them.

However, the functionality of both plans is the same.

They are different in a little bit of enhancing features.

Therefore, in this post, we will discuss the difference between exchange online plan 1 and plan 2.

So, before proceeding to understand the difference between the two plans.

Let us know first, what is exchange online.  


What is Exchange Online

In simple words, Microsoft Exchange Online is a part of the office 365 suite product.

Exchange Online is a platform for messaging and collaboration.

It provides one location for composing, reading, or storing email, calendar, contacts.

Moreover, it also helps in task information in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook on the web, or Outlook Mobile.

Exchange Online support access from most mobile devices.

Which includes BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, and Windows Phone.

The online exchange has most of the features available with exchange 2016

This is enough to get the idea about what is exchange online  


The main difference between Exchange plans

Message Policy & Compliance

FeaturesExchange Online Plan 1Exchange Online Plan2
Cloud-Based Archiving Of On-Premises MailboxesNOYes  
  In-Place Hold & Litigation HoldNoYes
Data Loss PreventionNoYes



            FeaturesExchange Online Plan 1Exchange Online Plan2
Inactive MailboxesNOYes

Reporting Features & Troubleshooting Tools

            FeaturesExchange Online Plan 1Exchange Online Plan2
Unified Message ReportingNOYes

Voice Message Services

            FeaturesExchange Online Plan 1Exchange Online Plan2
Voice MailNOYes

Above are the main different features you get with exchange online plans 1 and 2.

How to Buy Exchange online Subscription.

Now, if you are aware of the difference between the two plans.

So, if you need a voice mail feature, unified message reporting, data loss prevention for your online exchange.

I hope you will identify, which subscription you have to buy.

For example, if you watch the above table and compare the plans.

Voice mail, data loss prevention, etc are not available with exchange online plan 1.

So, you have to buy Exchange online in office 365

Therefore, whenever you want to buy this plan.

office 365 Exchange online plan

You have to consider the subscription of office 365 E3 Or E5 to get Exchange online plan 2.

Because this plan 2 lies in office 365 E3 & E5

You can also watch the following video to get more ideas about the difference between exchange online, office 365 & Microsoft 365.


Exchange Online Plan 2 Price

This plan includes all the features of exchange online plan 1.

Additionally, it has unlimited storage, hosted voice mail, and data loss prevention

Monthly subscription starts from $8/month


Exchange Online Plan 2 Features

Every user gets the 100 Gb of mailbox storage.

Also, the user can send message size up to 150 Mb

Plus unlimited storage in the user’s In-Place Archive is also available.

All the sensitive data of the organization are protected with the data loss prevention policy.

The subscription also includes hosted UM Services for call answering and automatic attendant.


Note: Think Few Key-Points Before Subscribing 

There should be proper planning and discussion before subscribing to cloud plans.

An individual should check what all features he/she need to meet the business requirements.

Check for what size of mailbox you need.

For Example Discuss do you need DLP, UM, Voice Mail or Archiving?

If you think you do not need it, go for plan 1, else you have to subscribe to plan 2.

Hope this post helps you to decide which plan is better and what’s the difference between these two plans.

Please comment or share your idea about this post.

Difference between office 365, Exchange Online Plan 1 & Plan 2 

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