This version of Netflix is not compatible

Fix Your Netflix Version Compatible Problem

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If you are getting this error, let’s see how to fix error “this version of Netflix is not compatible”

Netflix is a popular tv and movie shows online streaming platform which has an increasing number of audience.

But the error, this version of Netflix is not compatible is one of the errors which, the user has reported many times.

Though according to Netflix this error is a common error with Netflix, They have stated this in their official website.

According to them its an issue with the compatibility, however, there is no permanent resolution to this issue.

How To Fix Netflix Compatibility Error

In order to fix this Netflix compatibility issue, you can follow a few steps given below

  1. Restart your device
  2. Uninstall the Netflix App
  3. Optimize & Fix Browser

Restart Your Device

The very first step is to restart your device as you get this Netflix error. If there are some common issues arising, restarting the device may fix it.

How To Uninstall The App From Windows 10

To uninstall the app from your Windows 10 computer, Go to settings – Navigate to apps – Select Netflix and click on uninstall.

fix netflix compatible issue

After uninstalling the app, restart the computer once and try to install it again from the windows store.

How To Optimize & Fix Browser Issue

You can try to clear the cache, cookies, and history of your browser.

By clearing the browsing data it will clear the cache for Netflix and you can try to log in once again to check if its working or not.

For Chrome: Go to the three do at the top right – More Tools – Clear Browsing Data

Netflix version compatibility error

Disabling Antivirus

You can try to disable antivirus temporarily and check it, sometimes firewall may block the connection with the Netflix.

Try to put the Netflix website in a white list on your antivirus firewall.

If all the above steps are not working, then try another browser to check it. There can be some corruption with the browser.

Try to change the browser to fix Netflix Compatibility Error

After following the above steps.

If you still face any issue with NetFlix. Get Assistance On +1-855-700-4040

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